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Fanny's of Evanston - undoubtedly one of the greatest restaurants in history. Fanny's original, international award winning spaghetti sauce and salad dressing recipes are the result of her unfailing devotion to taste, digestability, and the use of only the finest, freshest ingredients. For the first time, her creations are available worldwide for you to order and enjoy.

Fanny crafted recipes of world renown and served them with love and flair to an international clientele for over forty years. A desire to satisfy the most demanding culinary tastes fueled her creative cooking genius and made her dishes internationally known and loved.

Fanny began her restaurant in 1946 with faith and seven tables in Evanston, Illinois. Four years later, she claimed the National Award from Heublein's Inc. Her restaurant's patronage grew phenomenally.


In 1955, she won the coveted International Epicurean Award for her spaghetti sauce and unique orange juice, pecan and chutney salad dressing, the first restaurant in America ever to do so!

J.L Kraft himself offered to buy the salad dressing recipe in 1948 for $75,000. She refused. The story of her success was heard on Voice of America radio around the world, even behind the Iron Curtain. Fanny's has been written about in over 150 newspapers and magazines. The greatness and originality of the recipes she served to patrons of her world famous Fanny's restaurant are available now for you to enjoy at home with your family and friends.


Fanny's International Award Winning Salad Dressing

Fanny crafted this unique salad dressing and won the International Epicurean Society of France Award with it, as well as delighting patrons of her phenomenally successful Evanston restaurant for over forty years with its unique taste. Grace your salad bowl with this, and after you'll compare every other to it. This has proven to be one of the greatest salad dressings ever invented. Try it.

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Fanny's International Award Winning Meat Sauce

Winner of the International Epicurean Society of France Award, this same spaghetti sauce was enjoyed for over forty years by Fanny's guests in her world famous restaurant. Fanny's own creation, perfected for taste and digestibility for your enjoyment.

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